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December 23, 2008

Net filter

Filed under: political, technology — Craig Lawton @ 7:40 am

Ars technica says it best:

“So, in summary, it appears that the government is trying to make up for the failure of an earlier PC-based filtering program by rolling out an alternative, ISP-level filtering program that they know won’t fully prevent access to illegal material. They promise not to state what sites are being blocked, even as they promise only illegal content will be. To prepare for the roll out, they’re doing live testing of equipment and protocols they haven’t used in the lab, and not telling the ISPs when the program will be ready. It sounds like all of the worst clich├ęs about government incarnated in a single program.”


January 17, 2008

Save the kiddies from!!!

Filed under: political — Craig Lawton @ 3:52 pm

The new government’s proposed “clean feed” net filter system mandates that ISPs block sites from a known “bodgy” list.

The filtering infrastructure will be a bottleneck, slowing down and making more expensive our Internet connectivity. And the ALP went to the election promising to improve our broadband access and speeds!!!

The system will not stop paedophiles preying on children in chat rooms, nor stop kiddie porn. That’s not what it does.

The system will give the illusion of protection, which is probably more dangerous, because it may stop parents taking more direct action to control Internet access.

I can imagine the blacklist will get distributed some day somehow, so adults who fancy pornography can browse the government’s “recommendations”. I guess children may get this list too but I can’t imagine they’d be interested in looking at a bunch of sites their parents don’t want them to look at!!

Check out the Senate results from last year’s election and you get the story. For the ALP to get legislation through the Senate (assuming the Coalition votes against), it needs the support of the Greens. But that is still not enough. The legislation needs one more vote from either Nick Xenophon or Family First’s Steve Fielding. It looks like the ALP has adopted Family First policy as a future favour-saver!

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