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March 27, 2008

Infrastructure Money

Filed under: musing, technology — Craig Lawton @ 2:33 pm

It’s interesting to note that in big IT shops software often accounts for about 50% of the operating budget. Compare this to human resource, or people as they are sometimes referred to, which comes in at about 10% of most budgets.

In the last downturn, server hardware got hammered in cost, hurting the likes of SUN Microsystems, and helping the likes of Dell. People got done what they could, with what they could budget for.

If the current economic storm clouds start hurting IT budgets, will software (and possibly also Storage costs) be the sacrificial lamb, opening doors for the likes of MySQL, Debian,  Tomcat, Nagios etc. to make big in-roads in to the corporate world? Could SUN make some inroads with ZFS (over VxFS)?

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